Meiska Adinda Opens 2024 with New Single “Telat Cemburu”

Bingkai Karya – Singer-songwriter Meiska Adinda is starting 2024 with a bang, releasing her new single “Telat Cemburu” (Too Late to Be Jealous). The song was written in 2020 when she was still in high school, but she only recently submitted it to Sony Music for release as a single.

“I wanted to have a fresher feel compared to my previous three songs,” Meiska explains. “Luckily, the Sony Music team immediately agreed and ‘Telat Cemburu’ became my fourth single.”

Inspired by her own experiences, as well as those of her friends and others, the song takes on a slightly different theme. “In my previous singles, I talked about the red flag guy, but this time, it’s from the cewek’s perspective,” Meiska says. “So, ‘Telat Cemburu’ is about a girl who doesn’t want to lose her admirers. When a guy approaches her, she doesn’t want him. But when he leaves and finds someone new, she’s not happy about it and starts to feel jealous. To me, jealousy is the desire to have someone completely and not be ready to see them belong to someone else. That’s the main theme of this song.”

While her previous three songs were pop ballads, this time the Information Systems student is going for a pop RnB sound with a faster tempo. “The lyrics still focus on feelings of sadness, but this time they’re more playful,” she says. “The first thing I did when this song was approved to be the next single was to revise the lyrics because, honestly, I wasn’t sure about what I wrote at the time. For this revision, I was assisted by Iqbal Siregar. I’ve always loved his lyrics because they’re up-to-date and in this song, I learned from Iqbal how to write lyrics that are light but ear-catchy.”

In addition to Iqbal Siregar on lyrics, Meiska also worked with Adrian Kitut on music and Kamga as vocal director. “The recording process was quite fast, about half a day, because there weren’t many retakes,” she says. “This was my first time working with Kamga as a vocal director and I was really happy because I felt very helped, we could discuss things, and I got a lot of feedback. Overall, I’m really happy with the results. As for the challenges during the recording process, I guess I had to work on singing while building a cheerful mood because this song has a faster tempo and a different feel from my previous songs which were more mellow. But thanks to the help of the Sony Music team, everything went smoothly.”

This year, Meiska is not only releasing singles, but she also plans to release an album. “Yes, this year I will be making an album,” she says. “Right now, I’m in the process of collecting songs and getting ready to record them. There will be a few new singles in addition to the ones that have already been released. Please pray that everything goes smoothly.”

Meiska also shared some of her hopes for 2024. “I want to collaborate with Indonesian musicians, starting with young musicians from my generation, and then I’ll dare to dream of working with seniors,” she says. “I also hope to hold a showcase, release more work, and most importantly, learn to drive. So far, I’ve always been accompanied by my mom when I go places, so this year I want to learn to drive so I won’t be a burden to her anymore,” she laughs.

Meiska Adinda’s latest single, “Telat Cemburu,” is available on all digital music platforms.


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