Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini Release New Single “Our Wedding Song” as Part of the “ArTi Semestinya Cinta” Music Series

Bingkai Karya – In the month of love, Indonesia’s music industry received a delightful surprise as Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini officially dropped their latest single titled “Lagu Pernikahan Kita” (Our Wedding Song). This release marks the first installment of the musical series “Arti Semestinya Cinta.”

Building on the success of the “ArTi untuk Cinta” music series, which garnered overwhelming support, fans expressed their longing for the reunion of Arsy and Tiara to create new musical works.

“Proven until now, the song streaming continues, and the songs have become soundtracks for many love stories posted as content on social media. Many have sent messages to Universal Music Indonesia and YWMF via DM, expressing their desire for the ArTi collaboration,” shared Yovie Widianto, shedding light on the background of this second ArTi project.

Before its official release, Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini teased snippets of the instrumental composition of their new single on social media, receiving an incredibly positive response from music enthusiasts in Indonesia.

True to its title, “Lagu Pernikahan Kita” narrates the union of a couple through the sacred vows of marriage. The lyrics are conceptual and authentic, carefully chosen words providing depth to each verse. When delivered expressively by Arsy and Tiara, the song becomes even more beautiful and impressive.

The music is adorned with a beautiful orchestral arrangement, adding grandeur to the overall composition.

“As with the first ArTi series, where the concluding story becomes the first song, this is the conclusion of the love events experienced by ArTi in this series titled ArTi Semestinya Cinta,” hinted Yovie, giving a glimpse into the storyline of this second music series.

“In the creation of the ArTi Semestinya Cinta mini-album, we, the producers and musicians involved, kept listening repeatedly to the songs because each one felt incredibly meaningful. Arsy and Tiara’s vocals convey the song’s message without exaggeration, yet they capture the feel and expression perfectly. This, I believe, is ArTi’s strength,” Yovie continued.

This song is a perfect fit for couples and deserves a spot in the wedding playlist for those soon to walk down the aisle.

The music video for “Lagu Pernikahan Kita” portrays the marriage ceremony of Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Island of the Gods, Bali. Crafted by Nocturnal Projects and directed by Jessy Sylviani and Bobby Adrian, viewers are treated to a visually stunning and romantic atmosphere, truly reminiscent of a grand wedding.

“Behind the romantic scenes of ArTi in the music video for ‘Lagu Pernikahan Kita,’ there were many moments of laughter during the production process because we enjoyed shooting in Bali so much. It felt like Bali belonged only to us at that time,” shared Arsy, a sentiment echoed by Tiara.

“Lagu Pernikahan Kita” serves as the focus track and the first release from the mini-album titled “ArTi Semestinya Cinta,” featuring a collection of songs composed by the maestro Yovie Widianto.

“ArTi is indeed meaningful. In every creation, there are always interesting concepts where the strength of ArTi lies in Arsy and Tiara. They are powerful singers who interpret songs exceptionally well, giving each lyric the depth needed for a composition’s strength,” explained Yovie Widianto, expressing his hope that the ArTi music series will always hold a special place in the hearts of Indonesian music enthusiasts.

The official release of “Lagu Pernikahan Kita” is available for streaming on all digital music platforms starting Friday, February 2, 2024


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