Unveiling the Uncharted Night: Monica Christiana’s New Release “Malam Tak Berjudul”

Bingkai Karya – It is not uncommon for the human mind to wander when the night arrives, filled with uncertainty in the search for one’s identity and the meaning of life. It is this endless experience that gave birth to the creation of the song “Malam Tak Berjudul” by Monica Christiana, set to release on all digital streaming platforms on January 31, 2024. The song, written by Monica Christiana and produced by Saving Reggie Productions, follows Monica’s debut single “Lilin Kecil” and several other tracks like “Akhir Tak Bahagia” by Misellia, and “Bila Kemarin” by Yotari.

In this composition, Monica unveils an inner dialogue with herself. Beginning with simple and melodious acoustic guitar strums, the song gradually ascends with a chorus melody full of hope. Through this musical piece, Monica hopes that listeners can take a moment to reflect and engage in a sincere internal dialogue, expressing their genuine emotions.

“Malam Tak Berjudul” marks Monica Christiana’s second original single. Previously, Monica participated in various talent shows on national television, including The Voice Kids Indonesia 2016, where her rendition of Agnez Mo’s “Karena Ku Sanggup” trended on YouTube Indonesia. Last year, she also participated in Indonesian Idol, securing a place in the Top 50.

In addition to the single release, Monica will be unveiling the lyric video for “Malam Tak Berjudul” on her YouTube channel, Monica Christiana. She will also share various content engaging her 40.3 thousand followers on TikTok and Instagram (@monica_christiana).

Monica’s artistic journey continues to evolve, offering a heartfelt and introspective musical experience for her audience. “Malam tak berjudul” promises to be a captivating exploration of the human psyche, inviting listeners to connect with their inner selves in the quietude of the night.


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