Gorontalo Chosen as Host of the 2023 Asian Mini Football Championship

Gorontalo, Indonesia will host the 2023 asian mini football championship. This decision was made after the Governor of Gorontalo, Hamka Hendra Noer and AMFC President Mohammad Hesham Aldousari signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Ballroom of the Aston Hotel, Gorontalo City.

The reason Gorontalo was honored to be the first AMFC host was because of the support of state officials and achievements. First, because it received support from the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Governor, and all officials in this country and secondly, Indonesian mini football is currently the best, at least in Southeast Asia, said Mohammad Hesham Aldousari as President of the AMFC.

AMFC 2023 mascot is one of Sulawesi’s endemic animals, Tarsier. This unique animal exists in the forests of Gorontalo. Tarsier is described as having the speed of jumping, energetic, and even research is called a loyal animal because if its partner dies it will not look for a new partner again.

Gorontalo State University as one of the sports campuses in the province of Gorontalo fully supports and actively participates in the success of Gorontalo as the host of the 2023 Asian Mini Football Championship.

Suryadi Datau as head of the sports department of Gorontalo State University said that Gorontalo as the host of the AMFC will be a golden opportunity for the Gorontalo State University campus to advance sports in Gorontalo in particular and eastern Indonesia in general both on the national and international levels.


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