Hong Kong Issues Initial Youth Development Strategy


Hong Kong has presented the first thorough strategy for youth development, outlining 160 projects with a general goal of fostering a stronger sense of nationalism.

Despite the fact that many of the initiatives were either outlined in the chief executive’s policy address in October or were already in place at the time, Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs Alice Mak Mei-kuen claimed on Tuesday that her plan demonstrated the government’s new centralized strategy for ensuring the future of the young people in the city.

The bureau had 170 discussions and reviewed 200 opinion papers in order to create the strategy. In addition to better preparing young residents for a future in which Hong Kong is more closely integrated with the country’s development goals, in fields ranging from finance and technology to culture and aviation, Mak assured to advertise exchange and internship possibilities outside of the city.

Authorities also committed to maintaining and enhancing communications with mainland Chinese authorities over youth-related policies and opportunities.

The newly reorganized Home and Youth Affairs Bureau would still be in charge of policies for younger citizens, but the government would also establish a new position of youth commissioner, which would be filled by the deputy secretary of the bureau.

To improve coordination, the city’s second-ranking official would preside over the current Youth Development Commission. The government would introduce an app giving young people access to information about opportunities and create a new “youth network” to offer methods for them to contribute to the community.


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