How Does It Feel To Spend A Night Inside A Train In Japan?

The world of global tourism doesn’t seem to have any room to stop developing. And Japan is one of those countries which is advanced in the tourism world. Japan has a lot of places you should go to, and one of them is the Fujikyuko Line Room inside the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Inside the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa, there’s a room with a train theme. The room has a function of a sitting room that is actually a collaboration between the hotel, Highland Resort Hotel & Spa, and the staff of Fuji Sanroku Electric Trains that operates the Fuji Kyuko Track.

A journalist of Soranews24, Masanuki Sunakoma, shared his experience of staying inside the hotel, especially in the night time. Masanuki stated that his experience staying at the hotel was a unique experience. He was given a special card key with the text “Fuji Sanroku Electric Railway” and signed an exclusive contract. 

And after that, a staff escorted Masanuki to his room as if Masanuki was an employee of the train company. The furniture inside the room was old and worn, making the impression of the room feels more old. Masanuki said that it felt like he was moving from a railway coach to another railway coach.

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Besides admiring the furniture and interior design inside the room, Masanuki also tried to wear the costume of the machinist that consisted of a uniform and a hat. Each guest of the hotel will be given a souvenir (a train schedule replica in the Showa era from 1926-1989).

We can say that the hotel with a train theme in Japan is still really underrated. Book your stay fast before the hotel gets a lot of exposure from people all around the world!

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