Ify Alyssa Express Her Happy Feelings With Roller Skating Through “Roda-Roda”

Ify Alyssa, singer and songwriter, has just released her new song which was inspired by her new hobby, roller skating. “Roda-Roda” has a simple meaning in which she expresses her happy feelings every time she skates, as well as conveys a message of joy to her listeners through joyful music.

Ify Alyssa said that she was inspired by a composer from Brazil, Antonio Carlos Jobim. Alyssa’s new song is arranged with the samba-jazz genre by producer Ari Renaldi. Alyssa has been close to the Jazz genre since she was little. She has been actively participating in various jazz performances and jam session activities since she was in elementary school.

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In this single, Ify Alyssa also collaborates with percussionist from America, Steve Thornton who is also one of the best jazz musicians of all time. Alyssa said that collaboration between countries is not a barrier to work. Steve also recorded his percussion playing virtually from the country where he lived.

The music video of “Roda-Roda” released on Ify Alyssa’s YouTube channel was recorded using a handphone. To get a more vintage visual impression, she also wanted to prove that creating works today can be done in various ways and tools, like using a handphone that we use every day.

Ify Alyssa has prepared several merchandise designs according to the theme of the song “Roda-Roda” for her listeners, called Teman Seirama. With her new style of music, Ify hopes that “Roda-Roda” can give a fresh air in the Indonesian music industry.

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