Naykilla Releases Highly Anticipated Single “2ND”

Naykilla, the rising star in the music industry, has just dropped her latest single titled “2ND”. “2ND” was written by Naykilla herself and assisted by Reza Rizky/Rezroll as composer and Fabio Farisco as producer. This song is written based on her feelings at the time, having experienced the disheartening feeling of being a second choice in a relationship. 

Naykilla stated, “I wrote this song when I was at my lowest point, the point where someone is making me their second choice and it’s carrying a heaviness in myself. This song is written and created passionately and purely from what I have actually felt at that moment, being the Second Choice is obviously not a thing no one ever wants to experience, but also I made this song to motivate myself, that I will be alright at the end and have the capability to make myself as the first option of myself.”

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Naykilla hopes that this song can be relatable to those experiencing the same experience. Not only that, she also wants to motivate and remind the listener through the song that we can love and make ourselves our first choice.

“I hope that this song will open your mind widely that even when someone makes you their Second Choice isn’t always bad because, you can always count on yourself and make your own self the first option. I hope the song that I wrote in depth from my actual experience could reach the point of messages to you guys,” said Naykilla

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