Indofood Shocks Netizens with Indomie-flavored Ice Cream

Recently, netizens were surprised by the existence of Indomie flavored ice cream. The existence of Indomie flavored ice cream has become viral on various social media platforms. Coinciding with April 1, which is April Fools, many netizens think that this is just prank content. However, this was refuted by PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk., as the producer of Indomie.

Through the Instagram account @indofood.icecream, they convey the truth of this product through their uploads. Indofood wrote, “Not a prank, not April Fools. something new from Indofood Ice Cream!! CHOC ROCKS CONE INDOMIE!”

Axton Salim as the Director of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk also uploaded on his social media accounts. His upload on Tiktok has also been seen by more than two million people and got two hundred thousand more likes.

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“Collaboration of Choc Rocks Cone and @indomie ice cream with a creamy, sweet and savory taste, really exciting!!” Axton added. “How do you taste the same? Let’s find Choc Rocks Cone Indomie at certain Indomaret, at all Indomaret Fresh or order online at Klik Indomaret, OK?”

“During the fasting month of April, I saw those who wanted to eat Indomie Goreng with ice cream. Out of curiosity, I joined in trying it! But this time, the ice cream + indomie is even more exciting! Anyone want to try it or not?,” he said through his video caption trying this Indomie flavored ice cream.

Indomie Ice Cream is limited in sales and can be purchased at several Indomaret outlets or online via KlikIndomaret.

Source: Liputan6

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