Indonesia Tightens Grip on Vaping with New E-cigarette Tax

Bingkai Karya – Starting January 1st, 2024, Southeast Asia’s largest economy will clamp down on vaping with a brand new tax on e-cigarettes. This additional levy, set at 10% of the existing excise tariff, aims to discourage consumption and level the playing field with conventional cigarettes.

The Indonesian government cited the negative health impacts of long-term e-cigarette use as a key driver for the policy. In a statement, the finance ministry emphasized the need for “equalizing the tax burden” between traditional and electronic cigarettes, ensuring fairness and potentially generating additional revenue.

This move comes on the heels of a 57% excise tax introduced in 2018 on the essences used in e-cigarettes. Indonesia, notorious for having one of the world’s highest smoking rates, has long taxed conventional cigarettes.

However, the policy hasn’t received unanimous support. PAVENAS, a group representing e-cigarette producers and customers, voiced their disapproval, criticizing the lack of prior discussion and the timing coinciding with an upcoming increase in excise tariffs. They threatened legal action if the government implements the tax without further dialogue.

The effectiveness of this new tax in curbing vaping remains to be seen. While some argue it will discourage consumption, others believe it might simply push the market towards cheaper, unregulated alternatives. Additionally, the impact on government revenue and the potential legal challenge from PAVENAS add further layers of complexity to the situation.

One thing is certain: Indonesia’s latest policy signals a serious intent to address the growing concern over e-cigarettes’ health consequences and their place within the country’s tobacco landscape. The coming months will reveal how this new tax shapes the vaping industry and consumer behavior in Southeast Asia’s most populous nation.

Source: CNA


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