Indonesia’s Indigenous Communities Hold The Key to Fighting Climate Change.

Bingkai Karya – These naturewise guardians, with their deep knowledge and sustainable practices, are crucial for a country facing the harsh realities of a warming planet. They’ve stood strong for centuries, protecting forests, resisting harmful projects, and adapting to a changing environment.

From mountains to the sea, across diverse cultures and customs, they share a vital mission: safeguarding their land and resources. From Sumatra’s Leuser rainforest protected from greed to community-led conservation areas, their impact is undeniable.

But their fight isn’t just for their own survival. Their efforts to manage land, cultivate resilient crops, and cope with extreme weather benefit all of Indonesia. Recognizing this, the government plans a policy for indigenous peoples, aiming to support their land rights and resource protection.

As the 2024 elections approach, indigenous communities plead for action. They urge the next government to pass the long-awaited law safeguarding their rights, establish a dedicated commission, and expand land allocated through the Perhutanan Sosial program.

Embracing these actions can empower these crucial allies and build a more resilient future for Indonesia, where nature flourishes not despite, but because of these guardians of the land.

Source: Mongabay


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