Innovative Approach to Stunting Prevention: Si Centing Digital Game Takes Center Stage in Malang City

Bingkai Karya – In a collaborative effort, the Malang City Education and Culture Service, alongside the Regional Planning Agency (Bappeda Malang City) and Letsplay Indonesia, recently organized an outreach program focusing on the utilization of the Si Centing digital game. The event, attended by key figures such as Mr. Dodik Teguh Pribadi and Mr. Willstar Taripar Hatoguan, aimed to introduce the innovative game as a medium for socializing stunting prevention among junior high school students in Malang City. The initiative took place in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the Malang Creative Center (MCC) building.

During the outreach program, Dodik Teguh Pribadi and Willstar Taripar Hatoguan emphasized the critical importance of stunting prevention. Beyond the immediate health risks such as hypertension, diabetes, and mental retardation, stunting has far-reaching implications on the cognitive abilities of individuals. Addressing stunting is not only a health concern but also a strategic move to safeguard the quality of Indonesia’s future human resources. Alarming data from Malang City indicates that approximately 3,000 children are at risk of stunting, underscoring the urgency of collective action.

Recognizing the digital landscape as an integral part of the daily lives of millennials and Gen-Z, the organizers turned to gaming as a potent tool for socialization. According to data from New Zoo, a staggering 80% of millennials and Gen-Z engage with games daily, averaging over four hours of playtime. Leveraging this trend, the Si Centing digital game emerged as a suitable and relevant medium to convey crucial messages about stunting prevention.

The Si Centing digital game is a testament to the collaborative spirit between the Malang City Education & Culture Office, the Malang City Bappeda, and Letsplay Indonesia. By harnessing the creative expertise of Letsplay Indonesia, the teams successfully crafted an engaging digital game tailored for junior high school students. The game received a positive response during its socialization to 45 guidance and counseling teachers from various schools in Malang City.

The enthusiasm displayed by teachers during the Si Centing socialization prompted many to seek assistance in integrating the game into their teaching curriculum. Responding to this positive reception, the organizers have planned further assistance sessions for junior high schools in Malang City in November 2023. The goal is to ensure seamless integration of the Si Centing digital game into the educational landscape, promoting stunting prevention in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

Anticipating the success of the Si Centing initiative, the digital game is set to be available on the Google Play Store. This strategic move aims to make the game accessible to teachers across Indonesia, amplifying the impact of the innovative approach to stunting prevention pioneered by the Malang City Education & Culture Department.

The collaborative effort to utilize the Si Centing digital game for stunting prevention represents a forward-thinking approach to address critical issues through innovative means. By tapping into the popularity of digital games among the younger generation, Malang City is not only raising awareness about stunting but also paving the way for a broader impact on the nation’s educational landscape. The success of Si Centing could potentially set a precedent for using gamification in addressing other pressing societal issues, marking a significant step toward a more interactive and engaging approach to public health and education. For more information, interested parties can visit


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