Isyana Sarasvati’s Vibrant Concert Tour: Closing Tour in Semarang, Padang, and Medan

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian singer Isyana Sarasvati has successfully concluded her lively concert tour with a spectacular finale. After traversing various cities, including Cirebon, Kudus, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Makassar a few months ago, Isyana returned to greet her devoted fans throughout December. The closing performances were celebrated with great enthusiasm in three special cities: Semarang, Padang, and Medan.

Each of these cities held a unique significance for Isyana, adding a special touch to the showcase tour. Semarang, consistently featured in Isyana’s tour schedule since the LEXICONCERT series last year, brought a distinct vibe to the concert. Padang, her husband’s hometown, felt like a second home to Isyana and was affectionately referred to as ‘pulang kampuang’ (returning home). The closure in Medan was embraced with warmth and festivity, creating unforgettable memories for the diva.

The excitement of the concerts was evident from the late afternoon in each city, with fans queuing up as early as 4 hours before Isyana graced the stage. Exclusive ticket holders not only had the opportunity to meet Isyana in person, but Isyanation had also filled the venue, taking photos and purchasing exclusive memorabilia.

Semarang marked the first city to experience Isyana’s renewed energy with her fourth self-titled album. Despite having witnessed Isyana’s performances in previous tours, the audience in Semarang remained enthusiastic. Interestingly, the city also experienced the magic of the opening band, The High Temples, a new addition to Isyana’s label.

Cheers of excitement from the audience accompanied Isyana in every city. Padang and Medan were equally vibrant, with opening songs like “LEXICON” and “Sikap Duniawi” instantly energizing the crowd. However, Isyana didn’t just deliver her songs conventionally. Special concepts, such as inviting the audience to dance during the performance of “mindblowing!”, added a unique touch to her show.

Isyana wouldn’t be herself if she performed songs in a conventional manner. Various special concepts, such as involving her band members, The Tuttis, to sing and dance together during “Ada Ada Aja,” added joy to the stage. Special choreography and lighting designs for this tour created a cheerful atmosphere, leaving the audience satisfied in all three cities.

The concert tour in nine cities bore witness to Isyana’s extraordinary talent and the Indonesian audience’s enjoyment of her musical works. The closeness between Isyana and her fans was reflected in the intertwined energy, creating precious moments and beautiful memories throughout the concerts. Isyana Sarasvati’s journey wasn’t just a celebration for music enthusiasts but also a triumph for Indonesian music on the whole.


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