Japan Awarded 1.3 Million Visas in 2022, a 14-Fold Increase

Japan issued 1.29 million visas to foreign nationals in 2022, a roughly 14-fold increase from the previous year after relaxing Covid-19 border control restrictions, according to the government.

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According to the Foreign Ministry, this is the first increase in three years, and the increase is mostly due to an increase in the number of student and technical intern visas issued.

During the pandemic, the figure dropped dramatically, falling to 1.12 million in 2020 when Japan tightened border restrictions in an effort to reduce coronavirus infections, and reaching 90,306 in 2021, the lowest number since comparable statistics became available in 1999.

While last year’s figure is still far below the pre-pandemic record high of 8.28 million in 2019, the number is projected to grow further following the removal of Covid-19-related border procedures for all arrivals in April this year.

China awarded 186,577 visas, accounting for 14% of the total, followed by Vietnam (177,329), the Philippines (134,607), South Korea (104,937), Indonesia (92,663), and the United States (88,557).



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