5 Hotels Recommendation to Experience Wes Anderson’s Typical Atmosphere

Recently, there has been a trend on social media to create videos that resemble Wes Anderson films, featuring the American director’s unique visuals and color combinations. The videos made by content creators are attracting a lot of attention because they look like they are portraying the main character in a Wes Anderson movie. The location of the video is also adapted based on Wes Anderson’s character. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a Wes Anderson movie, here is a lineup of Airbnb that feels like a Wes Anderson movie.

  1. Futuro Styled Flying Saucer, Redberth, England.

With the upcoming release of the movie “Asteroid City”, let’s take a look at this unique UFO-themed homestay. While it’s not an actual airplane, it does give you the feeling of staying in outer space.

  1. Kind of Blue 1959 Airstream, Joshua Tree, California, USA

Take a break from reality, relax in an airstream in the middle of the California desert and enjoy the good things in life. Outdoor hot water facilities are provided for guests to take a relaxing dip. 

  1. Pop art apartment, Puglia, Italy

Let’s stay in a unique and colorful apartment designed by Salento artists. With a Wes Anderson aesthetic, the main concept of this Airbnb is to make guests feel like they are living in a work of art.

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  1. Retro Caravan Nights, Auckland, New Zealand

Enjoy a fun camping experience with this campervan. Located on one of New Zealand’s stunning coastlines, this lodge offers beautiful views of nature. Its retro design makes guests feel like they are in a movie. (curlygirldesign.com)

  1. Colorful Canalside, Venice, Italy

Visitors can enjoy two views at once in this spacious house dominated by charming colors. Enjoy beautiful garden views and easy transportation access via the Rio Marin Canal which is very close to this Airbnb.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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