Japan Will Have Minimarket from Ice

Minimarkets made of ice will be set up in Japan, at Ice Village Hoshino Resorts Tomamu in Hokkaido, from December 10, 2022 to March 14, 2023. Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture in Japan, experiences extremely harsh winters. That applies twice as much to Shimukappu, a town high in the Himalayas where cold may go down to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit). Shimukappu will soon have an ice-based convenience shop as a result of the chilly weather.

 The minimarket, which is a branch of Seicomart, will offer a variety of products, including desserts made from yogurt. This dish will be served in a container made of ice.

To note, Ice Village is one of the popular winter tourist spots in Japan. Quoted from the official website, tourists can carry out various activities in this area which is divided into several domes. They can make gelato at the Ice Milk Cafe, enjoy shaved ice from fruit at the Ice Fruit Shop, and relax at tables and chairs made of blocks of ice at the Ice Terrace.


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