Reikko Talks About The Emptiness of Losing Someone in Gone

Reikko’s “Gone” was officially released on Friday, October 7, 2022 simultaneously on all digital streaming music platforms, while the music video will air one week after it on Reikko‘s Youtube channel on Friday, October 14, 2022.

Often influenced by her own experiences, Reikko’s music is a blend of gritty electronic guitar sounds, deep, delicate melodies, and a hint of edgy pop tastes that touch on grief and heartache.

The song “Gone” talks about a girl and her lover having on-and-off relationships. She occasionally feels betrayed by this individual, as she always does. She feels exhausted and slowly loses her mind when she is around this person. But, she also understands how challenging living without this person is. She yearns for, misses, and wishes she were still with them. In “Gone,” the topics of the void one experiences after losing a loved one are explored, as well as how that individual overcomes that difficulty.

Reikko is a singer and multi-talented songwriter who joined the music industry in 2020. She has proven to be a decent person and an expert at whatever he wants. So far, Reikko has collaborated with Dutch musician DJ Yellow Claw for the song ‘Hush’ and a remix of Rendy Pandugo’s song ‘Far’.

Reikko has consistently shown off her incredible natural skill. She’s acquired recognition along the road thanks to articles in CNN and IDN Times, appearances on important editorial Spotify playlists including New Music Friday, Hyperpop, Misfits 2.0, and Top Hits Indonesia, and more than 20 million listens overall.

Reikko’s current explosive style of music and her earlier joyful yet melancholy albums are connected through this song. Reikko shows a new side in “Gone,” combining both electronic and pop elements.


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