Jordan Susanto to Present His Original Work at Java Jazz 2023

Jordan Susanto will perform at one of the most prestigious music festivals in the country, the Java Jazz Festival. To perform later, Jordan will be accompanied by his band: Soul & Rollers. Soul & Rollers is a band formed by Jordan Susanto specifically for his  live performances. 

Soul & Rollers consists of Restha Wirananda as Musical Director and Keyboardist/Pianist, Timothy Investario as Bassist, and Deska Anugrah Samudra as Drummer. Jordan’s trust in this band is one of the strongest reasons why Jordan almost never performs with a different band line-up.

Playing cover songs in a live band format for entertainment customers around Jakarta is one of Jordan Susanto’s ways to explore the concept of live performance. At the same time, Jordan was also working on several materials of his own creation. However, at the end of 2022, he stopped playing regularly in cafes and bars to focus on creating. 

In February 2023, Jordan Susanto released a single entitled Still Drunk. When Jordan held a showcase for his new single, Soul & Rollers was back to play Jordan’s original works live. Not long after the showcase, Jordan Susanto was invited to perform his works at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2023. 

Many of Jordan Susanto’s songs have been performed at every live show that hasn’t been performed yet. One of those songs will be announced as the next single on stage at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2023, which will be released a few days after the show. 

Besides the band, there will be several additional members on the Java Jazz stage who will accompany Jordan to present a more magnificent show than the previous shows. Jordan Susanto (and his Soul & Rollers) will perform at the Java Jazz Festival on Sunday, 4 June 2023 on the Gazebo Stage from 19:45-20:45. 

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