Jovial da Lopez Answers Content Creator Challenges to High School Students and Students BINUS@Malang


BINUS @Malang Communication Studies Program has a vision and mission to empower and facilitate young content creators who are creative, innovative, and able to compete in a global world. One of the efforts to support student knowledge, the BINUS @Malang Communication Studies Program continues to collaborate closely with industry.

One of the collaborations with practitioners was held through the “ACTION” talk show with the theme Content Creator: The Future and The Challenge on April 3, 2023. This event invited one of Indonesia’s influencers, Jovial da Lopez.

Jovi has been a content creator since 2010 and has insights that are in line with the BINUS @Malang Communication Studies program Streaming program.

Being a content creator today is full of challenges. Through data that shows YouTube is the platform with the number 4 largest number of users in the world, this fact is an opportunity as well as a challenge for the current generation in loading interesting content amidst intense competition.

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In front of hundreds of high school students, Jovi gave tips and answered the challenges for the current generation to create content that is not only viral but also useful for society.

Frederik Masri Gasa, Head of Communication Science Study Program said that it is hoped that the participants will be motivated to be more creative in creating content, improve their speaking skills, storytelling, and good branding so that the work they make is beneficial to society.

This program is carried out by BINUS as a Campus Digitechpreneur who is committed to contributing to increasing reliable and optimal human resources and utilizing digital technology to develop themselves and businesses so that they can encourage economic growth in East Java and Indonesia.

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