Summerlane Explain Hellish Toxic Relationship in “Heaven’s Hell”

Summerlane released their brand new song, “Heaven’s Hell”. Furthermore, Summerlane new song elaborate about how a toxic relationship can affect someone in a catastrophic way. 

“Heaven’s Hell” explains how a toxic relationship can affect someone in the worst ways possible. To the point that after meeting them, even hell is nothing compared to what they’ve been through in the relationship itself” said Ochin as the Vocalist of Summerlane.

Summerlane created ‘Heaven’s Hell’ along with Fachrizal Achmad as the producer. In addition, the song brings out the thick and energetic vibes that fit pop-punk music. Ozom from Rocket Rockers helped during the creation of the song by filling the drum sounds.

Without a doubt, Summerlane hoped that their new song would be received well by their fans, Summerbones. Aside from that, they also hoped to gain an even wider audience from Indonesia and also internationally.

Summerlane also spoils their upcoming tour, which will be revealed more in the future.

Summer lane new song, ‘Heaven’s Hell’ is available on every digital streaming platform in Indonesia. The official music video is also available on Summerlane Youtube Channel.

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About Summerlane

Summerlane is a pop-punk band from Jakarta formed in 2015. Consisting of Johan (Guitar), Vicky Rivaldi (Guitar), Alexander Bryan (Bass) and Rizki Prayosi (Vocal), the latter two of whom joined Summerlane in 2015.

Summerlane has released 1 EP ‘This World Will Carry On Without You’ in 2017. Furthermore, several singles such as ‘Move Along’, ‘Frenemy’ and ‘Sweet Escape’ have gained millions of streams. 

Summerlane subsequently released their latest song ‘Let It Go’, right after joining Warner Music Indonesia and is ready to release their best work even more.

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