Dru Chen Invites Us to Strive for A Better Life in “Why Can’t I Help Me?”

Dru Chen, a musician from Australia, released a new single “Why Can’t I Help Me?”. This single tells a story about where we have to admit the challenges and defeats of life while reminding everyone that we all strive for a better life.

Dru Chen explains more about the meaning behind his new single “Why Can’t I Help Me?” admit defeat but remind listeners to take a break and acknowledge the fighting spirit of those who are fighting hard for a better life.

Dru again added that he felt this song was special because it reflected on him sometimes not feeling his best, and the only self-esteem boost that worked was when he was able to create the right set of chords and lyrics to make a meaningful song.

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He also expressed his gratitude to Joel Tan as his inspiration whose chorus can lift the spirit and tie it all together, someone who has consistently lifted himself over obstacles and kept looking forward.

With the neo-soul mortgaged strains of D’Angelo’s recordings accompanied by the inspiring guitars and keyboards of Rhodes, it further reinforces the positive message that Dru creates in the song “Why Can’t I Help Me?”. Enjoy Dru Chen’s new single “Why Can’t I Help Me?” on any of your music platforms.

Dru Chen is known as an Australian pop-soul singer/songwriter based in Singapore. Dru’s 2019 debut album “Mirror Work” won a Fresh Music Award (Taiwan) which impressed Warner Music so much that they signed him right away. His hit singles “Summertime” and “La Di Da” (featuring Rangga Jones and Gentle Bones) topped various charts and even reached over 1 million listeners on Spotify.

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