Jelita Shared Her Story about Freeing From a Toxic Situation in “Gentle Blues”

Jelita released “Gentle Blues”, a personal song that explores the theme of breaking free from destructive habits and surroundings. This song is Jelita’s second single and was produced by well-known producer and musician, Teddy Adhitya. The music video for this song was created using AI technology and directed by Raka Hutchison of Stilkk, an animation studio.

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In “Gentle Blues,” Jelita shares her own story of breaking free from a toxic situation, and how she felt during the process. This music video is a creative depiction of Jelita’s journey, created using AI and traditional shooting techniques. The goal of this video is to show how AI can augment traditional shooting workflows and produce visually stunning results, even on a tight budget and schedule.

This video is recorded on a green screen, which allows AI to process and generate the visuals. This approach was chosen for its versatility and flexibility, which allows teams to create dynamic and engaging videos. Along the way, the team had to learn and adapt to new AI tools, which was a challenge, but ultimately rewarding.

The music video for “Gentle Blues” is a testament to the power of AI and its potential to push boundaries and enable creators to produce extraordinary content. Stilkk chose to use AI in the video because AI is a tool that can reward creative problem solving in design. Plus, with many of these tools being free and open-source, the power to create great content now lies in the hands of creators, limited only by their own imagination and creativity.

“Gentle Blues” is the second single ahead of Jelita’s forthcoming album. This video was produced by Stilkk, an animation studio, and directed by Raka Hutchison. The song is now available on all major music streaming platforms, and the video can be viewed on Jelita’s official YouTube channel.

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