Juicy Luicy Shares The Feeling After Let Relationship Go in “Sayangnya”

Juicy Luicy released their new single entitled “Sayangnya”. This single appeared after Julian Kaisar played the guitar and simultaneously sang a piece of song lyrics that had never been heard before on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. Suddenly, Julian Kaisar’s jamming video caught a lot of attention from netizens, which prompted Juicy Luicy to upload the short video on their TikTok account with the caption “Lanjut apa lagu bahagia aja ini?”

“Sayangnya” tells about someone who parted from their partner and in the end had to give up their relationship. Most of Juicy Luicy’s songs are always love-themed nowadays, so many people relate to their songs.

“Sayangnya” also has a meaning about how things are when you are in the process of getting back up from a relationship that is over. Where we usually make a partner as part of the routine of life, now we have to spend the day alone again. Because at the end of a relationship, for whatever reason, we will definitely feel like we have lost someone who was once the most important human being in one period of time. When we finally have to be forced to part ways, we will go through a period where loneliness becomes increasingly felt.


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