Ekonomi Kreatif, Go Digital!: A Government Event to Support Creative Economy Entrepreneurs

DISPORAPAR (Malang Youth, Sports and Tourism Office) held a sharing of knowledge, “Ekonomi Kreatif, Go Digital!”, on Tuesday (15/11). It was a way to increase the capacity of Creative Economy entrepreneurs to utilize technology. The event was held at the Atria Hotel by presenting speakers from Malang Regional Secretary Erik Setyo Santoso ST MT, Andina Paramitha (CEO Ngalup.co) and Achmad Faris (vlogger/Youtuber).

This activity received high interest from Creative Economy people in Malang. It was proven that there were 200 registrants during the 2 days registration. 60 participants were selected with the curation mechanism.

“Through this activity, we hope that Creative Economy entrepreneurs can be more motivated to be more creative, especially in the digital world. Making videos, content, etc. to support their business and make them more competitive,” said the Head of Youth, Sports and Tourism Office of Malang, Baihaqi, S.Pd, SE, M.Sc.

Erik Setyo Santoso, Andina Paramitha, and Ahmad Faris brought diverse material that are very useful for participants. Apart from presenting material “Peran Pemerintah Daerah dalam Digitalisasi Ekonomi Kreatif”, Erik also conveyed what the Malang government had done regarding support for Creative Economy people. For example, realizing SAM Space to the village level.

Andina Paramitha in her presentation explained the importance of branding, collaboration with other brands, and collaboration with influencers. “The more important thing is to see who the target is when choosing a social media platform to sell because each platform has a different segment,” said Andina.

Moreover, Achmad Faris shared tips for creating content using a smartphone. It contained making a content framework, choosing the right time to post, and the good frequency of posting content. From those tips and material, hopefully Creative Economy people can take full advantage of technology.


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