Julia Raye Releases an R&B-Pop Gem, “Expectations”

Julia Raye

Bingkai Karya-Rising New York-based singer & songwriter, Julia Raye releases her new single, “Expectations.” The new single, which was produced by Bret “Epic” Mazur is an alluring R&B-pop gem that highlights Julia’s impressive vocal range.

“I wrote ‘Expectations’ when I was feeling torn with the relationship I was in at the time,” she says. “I kept feeling so much pressure from both myself and the people around me. This song is my inner monologue as I try to figure out what my expectations are for us while navigating this relationship.”

Julia Raye, a 23-year-old performer from Long Island, New York, has been doing shows for as long as she can remember. She grew up singing, dancing, and acting in neighborhood musical theater plays. Julia had been in more than twenty musical theater productions by the time she was seventeen. In addition to appearances with the ACDA All National Choir and the New York All State Choir. Then she continued on to study vocal singing at the University of Michigan. There she had the opportunity to train under George Shirley, the first African-American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera and a pioneer in the opera industry. 

Outside of her classical training, Julia has always had an ear for pop and R&B music. Citing Beyonce and Ariana Grade as two of her main influences. With her own project, she combines her operatic vocals with diaristic storytelling and catchy pop melodies, carving out a sound all of her own.

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