The Surprising Reasons Behind New York’s Orange Skies

New York City people were shocked by an unusual sight in the sky. The orange skies over New York have raised concerns in the public about what’s behind this change, which could worsen in the coming hours.

Many wildfires have been burning across Canada in recent days, with smoke traveling across the sky and reaching various parts of the United States, including New York. Because of this, the health authorities have issued a warning because the poor air quality can even have a serious impact on some at-risk groups.

The US Environmental Protection Agency asked residents to be careful, because not only the smoke, fires in neighboring countries cause smog and a strong smell of burning wood. The main focus is children and the elderly, as well as those with respiratory or lung diseases such as asthma.

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This situation is expected to persist for a few more days as Canada still has 249 fires burning. In total, authorities warned that there were 413 active fires and thousands of hectares had burned in the last hour and were not expected to improve in the coming days.

Hence the exacerbation of the already alarming situation in New York, which is in third place in the ranking of cities with the worst air quality for its inhabitants. In the meantime, smoke and haze are expected to increase throughout the day.

Source: Marca


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