Kupatan in Ijen Suites Malang

Kupatan is one of the traditions done to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Kupatan is conducted 7 days after the Eid. Ketupat is a Kupatan food made of rice that is cooked inside a rhombus woven young coconut leaves. Ketupat then is boiled until cooked.

Not only as a tradition, Kupatan also has a philosophical background in Javanese culture. This tradition is the unification of Islam teachings and Nusantaran people’s culture to introduce the ways to be grateful to Allah, to donate, and to keep the friendship. 

Ijen Suites Resort & Convention Malang offers 3 versions of Kupatan: Kupat Opor, Kupat Plecing, and Kupat Minang. The package includes sambal and fish crackers.

Starting from IDR 35.000,-, you can get the complete Kupat package to enjoy with your family. Do not worry about the sanitation because Ijen Suites Resort & Convention Malang applies health protocol issued by the government. 

Ijen Suites Resort & Convention Malang is one of the biggest international-standard four star hotels that has a concept of a city resort in Malang. This hotel is placed in the middle of cool-aired Malang.

Ijen Suites Resort & Convention Malang has 8 meeting rooms, 1 ballroom with the capacity of 2000 people, 108 Superior Rooms, 47 Deluxe Rooms, 14 Junior Suites, 7 Executive Rooms, 7 Royal Suites, and 1 President Suite. 


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