Laufey Takes Home Grammy, Celebrates with Manila Show Video

Bingkai Karya Laufey, a multi-talented artist from Iceland and China, has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the 2024 GRAMMY Award for “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album” for her acclaimed album ‘Bewitched’. This marks a culmination of a breakout year for the 24-year-old, who has been captivating audiences with her unique blend of jazz, classical, and contemporary influences.

To celebrate her GRAMMY win, Laufey has released a video of her performance of “Valentine,” a fan-favorite song from her 2023 Manila show. This release coincides with the announcement of her sold-out shows in Manila on May 28th and 29th, 2024, where she will perform “A Night At The Symphony” with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.

Laufey’s achievements don’t stop there. Her single “Valentine” peaked at #1 on the Spotify Jazz Chart in 2022, followed by her chart-topping album ‘Bewitched’ in 2023, which became the biggest debut for a jazz album on Spotify in history. Songs like “From The Start” broke into top and viral charts globally, and her “The Bewitched Tour” saw her perform in cities like Manila, Singapore, and Taipei.

Her GRAMMY win wasn’t the only highlight of the ceremony. Laufey also performed her hit “From The Start” at the Premiere Ceremony and even played cello alongside Billy Joel during his performance. This momentum continues with her upcoming world tour, “Bewitched: The Goddess Tour,” which sold out within minutes.

Laufey’s mission is to bridge the gap between generations and musical styles. She draws inspiration from jazz greats and classical masters, infusing her music with a contemporary perspective that resonates with her generation. “As a musician, my goal is to bring jazz and classical music to my generation through a more accessible road,” she explains.

Growing up between Reykjavík, Washington D.C., and Beijing, Laufey’s diverse background has shaped her musical identity. Her journey began with the cello, later expanding to piano and a fascination with jazz standards unearthed from her father’s record collection. While still a student, her debut single “Street by Street” topped the Icelandic radio charts, and her subsequent achievements include being named Best New Artist in Jazz and Blues at the Icelandic Music Awards and hosting her own show on BBC Radio 3/BBC Sounds. Today, she boasts over 12 million monthly listeners across platforms.

Laufey’s talent and dedication are undeniable, and her GRAMMY win serves as a testament to her remarkable journey. With her innovative approach and captivating music, she continues to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide.


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