Cakra Khan Makes a Comeback with “Divine”: Exploring Musical Horizons

Bingkai Karya – Renowned Indonesian musician Cakra Khan, known for his exceptional talent spanning more than a decade, returns with his second album titled “Divine.” This album holds a special significance in Cakra Khan’s career, not only marking his return after an 11-year hiatus since his debut album but also serving as a platform for him to introduce the music he has been collaborating on with accomplished musicians and producers from Indonesia to Malaysia.

“I’ve named this album ‘Divine,’ signifying its uniqueness. I personally handpicked all the songs included in this album, including some original compositions that I finally felt confident enough to share with my fans and music enthusiasts. The recording process was fascinating as it took place not only in Jakarta but also in several regions across Indonesia,” expressed Cakra Khan.

‘Divine’ comprises 15 tracks, featuring 11 new compositions and 4 previously released ones, commencing with the title track “Broken Symphony,” followed by “Salah Tapi Baik,” ‘Kepada Hati,’ “Cahaya,” “Tennessee Whiskey,” “Take The Pain,” “Tak Sejalan,” “Memilih Dia,” “Coming Home,” “Nanti,” “Sehebat Apapun Cinta,” “Get Together,” “Persinggahanmu,” “Rindu Tak Bersuara,” and “Kamu Adalah.”

The lead track “Broken Symphony,” penned by Malaysian musician Aisha Retno and produced by Petra Sihombing, narrates the struggle of breaking away from a toxic relationship. This song stands out as the centerpiece of Cakra Khan’s album, boasting a poignant melody, profound lyrics, and grand orchestral arrangements.

Producer Petra Sihombing, collaborating with Cakra Khan for the first time, shared his insights, “I envisioned how Cakra would interpret the song right from the beginning until it reached me. The aim was to create music grand enough to complement Cakra’s songwriting and vocals. It’s one of the finest collaborations I’ve had, and the studio sessions were incredibly enjoyable.”

The involvement of a diverse ensemble of musicians and producers has infused vibrancy into the “Divine” album, pushing Cakra Khan slightly beyond his comfort zone. Alongside Petra Sihombing and Aisha Retno, other notable contributors include Jaz Hayat, Ade Govinda, Mario G Klau, Tohpati, Mario Kacang, Ahmad Fredy, Alffy Rev, NSG, Yefta James, Roommate Project, Nomaden, among others.

In conclusion, Cakra Khan expressed his aspirations for the album, stating, “I hope that with the release of “Divine,” it will pave the way for a variety of music that I intend to release in the future, and provide a pleasant listening experience for my fans, CakraHolics, as well as music enthusiasts in Indonesia and beyond.”

Finally, the single “Broken Symphony”and all tracks from the “Divine” album are available for streaming starting February 9, 2024, on various music platforms.


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