Lee Min Ho’s 4 Shocking Facts That You Might Not Know

Who does not know Lee Min Ho? The King of Wealth in K-Drama who perhaps is your mom’s favorite. Lee Min Ho has been starring in many popular K-Dramas, namely Boys Over Flowers, City Hunder, the Heirs, the Legend of the Sea, and recently in Pachinko. However, have you known 4 surprising facts about this birthday oppa? Check this out!

Lee Min Ho Escaped Death Twice

In 2006, when he was only beginning his acting career, he was injured in a tragic vehicle accident. He and his best friend, Jung Il Woo (who is also an actor) went for a trip with 2 other friends. Unfortunately, their car collided with a car that went off-track, injuring them badly and Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo were the only ones to survive the tragedy. Lee Min Ho was in a 1 month coma with a broken thigh, ankle, and knee cartilage. He was hospitalized for a whole year. 

In 2011, another car accident happened in the “City Hunter” set. A car hit a stationary store, making the front part of the car badly crushed. However, Lee Min Ho safely made it out of the accident without any major injuries. 

Lee Min Ho Rarely Appears in Reality Shows

When many celebrities used reality shows as the platform of getting well-known, Lee Min Ho is rarely seen to come in reality shows. He was only seen in some talk shows. Yet, it does not mean that Lee Min Ho wants to withdraw himself from the spotlight. Basically, he feels that he lacks humor. Nonetheless, Lee Min Ho has been appearing in more shows recently. 

Lee Min Ho Was the First South Korean Celebrity Performed on China’s Lunar New Year Gala in 2014

700 million viewers were enthusiastic to watch Lee Min Ho perform at China’s Lunar New Year Gala 2014. He sang the OST of Boys Over Flowers with Harlem Yu, a Taiwanese singer. Lee Min Ho noted a history of being the first South Korean Celebrity to appear in China’s Lunar New Year Gala. 

Hollywood Targeted Him

Lee Min Ho got many requests from Hollywood. Yet, this talented actor chose to wait until he was ready enough to get into Hollywood’s field.


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