Legendary Love Song Gets a Refreshing Revival: Nyoman Paul Teams Up with Andi Rianto for “The Way You Look at Me”

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian singer Nyoman Paul is back on the music scene with his latest single, “The Way You Look at Me.” This time, he’s teamed up with renowned producer, arranger, and songwriter Andi Rianto to deliver a beautiful rendition of a beloved song.

“The Way You Look at Me” was originally written by Keith Follesé and Andrew Fromm, and rose to fame when it was sung by Filipino singer Christian Bautista in 2004. Recognizing its potential, Andi Rianto felt the song perfectly matched Nyoman Paul’s vocal style and believed it could be reborn with a fresh touch.

The song tells the story of falling in love with someone because of a captivating gaze. The lyrics express the feeling of being seen in a way never experienced before, with a love unspoken yet deeply understood.

Both Nyoman Paul and Andi Rianto expressed their enthusiasm for the project. Nyoman Paul, honored to bring back this classic song, acknowledged the challenge of adding his own unique flair while staying true to the original. Andi Rianto’s masterful arrangement elevates the song to new heights, incorporating the Budapest Scoring Orchestra for a truly grand and magnificent feel.

Nyoman Paul’s powerful vocals and clear pronunciation further enhance the listening experience. The result is a beautiful and refreshing take on a timeless love song.

With hopes of the song resonating with both new and familiar listeners, “The Way You Look at Me” aims to be a cherished addition to playlists everywhere. So relax, hit play, and let the music take you away!

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