Let Juicy Luicy Slap You with Their Latest Single ‘Tampar’

juicy luicy tampar

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who is already in a relationship? Well, right or wrong, we cannot lie to our feelings. Furthermore, when our feelings are getting stronger, we wish that our crush would break their relationship. After that, we wish to be able to spend more time with them. At that moment of hoping, what we actually need is A SLAP, and Juicy Luicy is here to slap us hard with their new song ‘Tampar’.

This song is written from a first person point of view so that the listeners can feel the urge of moving on. “Please slap me hard so that I am awake”, perhaps that’s how it is portrayed. Something that made this song special is Juicy Luicy makes this song in the hotel while raining. They were jamming together and delivering the messages of the song smoothly. Also, the timing of the release coincided with Will Smith’s slapping controversy. 

‘Tampar’ represents everyone who is still hoping to get their crush’s heart although their crush is still in a relationship. We must be disappointed with our feelings, indeed, but we cannot hold our feelings, right? “Tampar aku di pipi, biar sadar dan ku mengerti. Hujan samarkan derasnya, tutup air mata, temani kecewaku yang telah lama. Berdosa kah ku berdoa, minta kau terluka dan tinggalkan dirinya.”


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