LetsPlay Indonesia Facilitated Board Game in Dekan Cup, 50 Teams Participated

FEB UB made a breakthrough in Dekan Cup 2022 in entrepreneurship with Lets Play Indonesia and Young Entrepreneur Club (YEC). FEB UB innovated to provide board games as simulation media for a new college student entrepreneurship team. It is held regularly every Saturday and Sunday in October 2022. Every team practiced business simulation and entrepreneurship through board game. 

Angger, the facilitator of the “Business Craft” board game stated, “a competition through this game aims to provide awareness to participants about the customer empathy, innovation, and marketing strategy.”

After a tight selection, from 160 teams, there were only 50 teams who qualified for the preliminary round, namely Recoffer, Urulung, Realco, Arese Ceramic, etc. These teams would compete again for the top 20 and top 8 until the best entrepreneurial team was selected. 

“For teams that didn’t qualify for the next round, don’t be discouraged, because you have proven that you are better than your friends who have not joined this competition. Hopefully, we can meet in the next competition, okay!“ As stated by Pak Arif, The Head Facilitator 

“When we won the competition, we got so many things, but when we lost, we also got many lessons to prevent us from the previous mistakes and prepare what strategy we will use to succeed in the real world,” said Claudya, Lets Play Indonesia’s Public Relations. 

After running the competition, each participant was invited to find the relevance between the game and the business they would create, and apply it to become a successful entrepreneur. Not only that, the participants were also asked to fill out a form which had been provided by LetsPlay Indonesia aiming to express what they had experienced.


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