New K-Drama That Worth To Wait This November

South Korea is known for its huge entertainment industry, such as Korean pop (K-Pop) star PSY who gained USD 8 million in YouTube revenues on its release in 2012, while BTS took the world by storm with their music earning USD 4.9 billion. Korean Drama (K-Drama) has become so popular among drama lovers around the world, especially among Indonesian.

Moreover, the popularity of Korean dramas spiked when the world was hit by Covid19 pandemic where everyone did their activities from home. With the rising popularity of Korean drama, we have listed the best upcoming Korean drama this November for you. 

Weak Hero

Weak Hero is a K-drama adaptation from Webtoon. Weak Hero tells a story about Yeon Si Eun, a clever student who is physically weak and has no interest in anything but studying. However, Yeon Si Eun gets bullied because the bullies are jealous of his perfect score. Despite this, Yeon Si Eun relies on his genius to create a unique fighting style for the bullies. As this goes by, Yeon Si Eun meets his classmates; Su Ho, Beom Seok, and Ahn Su Ho. Ahn Su Ho is actually not very interested in school, but he already promised his grandmother to graduate with perfect attendance.

Reborn Rich 

Have you ever imagined being born in a rich family? Well, Reborn Rich has the answer. Reborn Rich tells a story about Yoon Hyun-woo who was killed and reincarnated as a rich man named Do Joon. Moreover, Do Joon is determined to take revenge for the unpleasant things that have happened to him. First, he needs to face the head Sunyang Group corporation,  Jin Yang chul, which is very competitive and greedy about wealth.

Moreover, Jin Do-joon’s final narration in the clip, “One of these people killed me,” adds to the suspense and mystery behind Yoon Hyun-woo’s death. It also provokes curiosity from the audience to find out the fate that Hyun-woo will face in the second half of his life as Do-joon when he wants his unfinished revenge. 

The First Responders 

The First Responders will tell a story about  police cooperation to catch criminals. The First Responders is about a detective named Jin Ho Gae, who often catches criminals. He could solve a case with his ability of understanding the crime scene, knowing evil intentions, and a strong will to win. On the other hand, there is a fearless fireman named Bong Do Jin. He looked cold from the outside but he is actually very kind to his surroundings and always taking care of the victims of the fire.   

Korean dramas in November are very diverse, ranging from cases of bullying, reincarnation to detectives. These are all great lists to watch in your spare time, alone or with friends. After reading the list of Korean dramas that will come out this month, which one makes you curious?


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