Lomba Sihir Dropped a Halloween-Themed Music Video in “Pesona”

Lomba Sihir launched their latest single entitled “Pesona” which consists of a remastered version and a reprise version. It was released by Sun Eater to all digital music platforms on November 1, 2022. This single was also supported by a music video on Lomba Sihir’s YouTube channel.

“Pesona” was a new work by Natasha Udu (vocals), Rayhan Noor (guitar, vocals), Vishnu Ikhsantama (bass, vocals), Enrico Octaviano (drums), Tristan Juliano (keyboards, vocals) and Baskara Putra or Hindia (vocals, synthesizer) since the debut album “Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia” which was released in March 2021 has received a lot of praise from fans.

“The original idea of this song is we want to write a song about love. Unfortunately, neither of the 6 of us had an experience that was interesting enough to make a song. So, we speculate about a boy and a girl who have actually met, but they are both unsure when they meet again in a bar in the capital,” said Hindia.

Under the direction of Enrico and Tristan as producers, “Pesona” was designed for the dance floor with a touch of ’80s pop. Lomba Sihir re-released “Pesona” with more leverage and presented it in 2 versions, namely the original version which was remastered so that it sounds better and more beautiful, as well as a reprise version featuring Tristan’s signature magnificent piano playing.

In addition, “Pesona” was also enlivened by a music video produced by Barde. With a Halloween party theme, this hilarious video showed the cuteness of each Lomba Sihir member and their closeness to the Peserta Lomba Sihir (fans) who were invited to enliven the shooting process. 


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