Majority Leader Schumer Leads U.S. Senators for the First China Congressional Visit After 4 Years

The delegation of U.S.’ senators is reported to arrive in China on Saturday to attend the first congressional visit since their last visit 4 years ago in 2019. The U.S.’ delegation was led by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The visit was done in the middle of sharp deterioration of the two countries’ relations, China and the United States of America. 

The delegation consists of about 6 senators, including three Democrats and three Republicans. They had safely arrived in the country with the U.S. government’s jet. The Republicans were led by an Idaho Senator named Mike Crapo. Senator Crapo is known as a senior party member on the Senate Finance Committee.

According to the China government, the congressional visit is really helpful and would “contribute to a more objective understanding of China in the U.S. Congress.”, remembering the two countries’ tension. 

The U.S. Commerce Department has added China’s companies and 7 others to its entity list. The 7 others companies was known to supply “U.S.-origin” semiconductors that were used by the Russian government for their missile guidance systems and drones in the war against Ukraine.

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“If the talks proceed well, there is the possibility that President Xi will meet Schumer,” Wang Yiwei, the director of the Institute of International Affairs at Renmin University of China, stated. “If their meeting is realized, the chances for a Xi-Biden meeting will become greater.”

Also, The White House supports the delegation’s visit to another selected countries. And  after the delegation’s stop in China, they will continue their congressional visit to another countries such as South Korea and Japan.


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