Malang City Achieves Lowest Inflation Rate in East Java

Malang’s month-on-month inflation rate in January 2023 was 0.15%, according to figures from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), with 6.06% year on year. The inflation rate was the lowest month-on-month inflation rate in East Java, and it is also lower than the national average. 

The transportation industry recorded 2.11% deflation, with an inflation share of -0.3036%. Several government measures concerning fuel costs have an impact on this. Although the transportation group endured deflation month after month, the transportation group ranked first in inflation of 16.98% with a share of 2.17% year after year.

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House contracts are among the products with the greatest inflation rates. The increase in house contract prices normally occurs in the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, aviation travel has a significant impact on deflation.

According to BPS data on inflation developments in Malang City from 2010 to 2022, the second largest city in East Java saw the highest inflation between 2013 and 2022, which was driven by fuel price revisions.


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