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Pemkot Malang Developed Sekolah Orang Tua Hebat

Sekolah Orang Tua Hebat: The Chairperson of the Malang City PKK Movement Team (TP) Widayati, S.Sos, MM conveyed the message that children are God’s most precious gift, so cherish our children and educate them well. The message was conveyed when attending and opening the Strengthening of the Holistic Integrative (HI) Toddler Family Development (BKB) Program through the Great Parents School (SOTH) organized by the Malang City Social Service, Women’s Empowerment, Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning (Dinsos P3AP2KB) on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at Savana Hotel Malang City.

Widayati said the BKB-HI intensive activity aims to improve comprehensive parenting knowledge and skills for parents to meet children’s basic needs. “The basic needs of children for education, health, nutrition, and protection from various forms of violence to realize quality human resources,” she explained.

Regarding the alleviation of stunting cases in Malang City, she said SOTH is one of the strategic breakthroughs. “Through Sekolah Orang Tua Hebat, we hope that parents’ knowledge and skills on how to raise children properly can increase,” Widayati hoped.

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She said that the family is the main school for children, so parents need to have sufficient knowledge and skills to raise children. “Knowledge and skills are not something that a person automatically has when becoming a parent, but rather things that need to be learned and trained,” she told the participants.

She also expressed her appreciation and gratitude to all parties who have contributed to the success and sustainable development of SOTH. She emphasized that this cannot be separated from the joint participation and acceleration of all parties. Meanwhile, Donny Sandito, W., S.STP, M.Si, as the Head of Social Services Agency P3AP2KB Malang City revealed, the campaign aims to strengthen commitment, support, and synergistic cooperation to strengthen Toddler Family Development.

The man who once served as Head of Public Relations of the Regional Secretariat of Malang City hopes that this event can increase support and synergistic cooperation for BKB development. “In addition, it is also expected to increase the effectiveness of counseling service activities for families of toddlers through the Great Parent School in the BKB group,” he hoped again.

The BKB-HI activity through SOTH was attended by participants from the Heads of TP PKK Subdistricts, Villages, Pokja 2 TP PKK City and Subdistricts, Family Planning Counselors, and representatives of BKB cadres in 57 villages throughout Malang City.


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