Malaysia Plans to Use Black Soldier Fly Larvae to Compost Organic Waste

Malaysia Black Soldier Fly Larvae

The Ministry of Environment and Water, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, stated that Malaysia will use black soldier fly larvae to process sustainable food waste. It is also used to lessen dumping of food waste into disposal areas. 

The wastes from Manal wholesale and Bandar Tanah Merah general market will be treated by the larvaes. The larvae will be housed in a separate building behind both markets.The waste treatment is equivalent to reducing 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Not only processing the wastes and the dumps, this larvae-using treatment will also help to compost the waste and to replace the chemical fertilizers for the authorities’ use.

This plan is expected to meet the target of 100 Houses of Worship and be applied across Malaysia. The People and Economic Strategic Empowerment Programme got a total of RM35 million to run a sustainable waste management.


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