Manaco’s New Solo Release “Precious” Pays Tribute to ‘Blue Exorcist’

Bingkai Karya – Japanese artist Manaco has marked her return to solo activities after four years with the release of a new song titled “Precious.” This solo endeavor sees a departure for Manaco, who has not only released new music but has also changed the spelling of her name to the Japanese characters まなこ. The music video, directed by Eri Yoshikawa, known for collaborating with various popular Japanese artists, is now available on YouTube.

“Precious” serves as a heartfelt tribute to the popular TV anime series ‘Blue Exorcist,’ a show close to Manaco’s heart. The song’s lyrics, penned by Manaco herself, delve into the inner feelings of the character Kamiki Izumo from the series. Lines like “Behind the mask is the most precious thing to me, the real me,” convey Kamiki Izumo’s struggles, loneliness, and eventual liberation, honoring both the anime and its source material.

Manaco expressed a personal connection with Kamiki Izumo, stating, “I feel as if Kamiki Izumo, who appears in this song, resembles me in some ways.” The artist took the lead in writing the lyrics, carefully choosing words and singing in a style that reflects the life of Kamiki Izumo. The music video features multiple ‘Manaco’ personas, offering surprises and references that anime and manga enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate.

Accompanying the release is new official artwork for Manaco, showcasing a slightly different side to the artist than what fans are accustomed to seeing. This change in visual identity aligns with Manaco’s evolving artistic journey and the exploration of new creative expressions.

Looking ahead, Manaco has ambitious plans to produce more songs inspired by her favorite manga and anime. Fans can eagerly anticipate future releases that continue to showcase Manaco’s passion for the rich world of Japanese pop culture.

“Precious” not only signifies Manaco’s return to the spotlight but also highlights her artistic growth and exploration. With a blend of personal connection, creative expression, and a dedication to anime and manga, Manaco invites fans to join her on this exciting journey. As the music video unfolds, viewers can immerse themselves in the world of ‘Blue Exorcist’ and appreciate the nuances that make “Precious’ ‘ a unique and meaningful addition to Manaco’s solo discography. Stay tuned for more captivating releases from this versatile Japanese artist.


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