McDonald’s Indonesia Revealed Secrets of Crispy and Tasty McD Fried Chicken in Open Kitchen

McDonald’s Indonesia held an Open Kitchen to share the secret behind the process of making its crispy and tasty fried chicken. To inform the public that McDonald’s Indonesia always strives to serve delicious fried chicken with a secure manufacturing process, this activity was held with a number of media partners. This event was held at the McDonald’s Salemba Raya restaurant, Central Jakarta.

McDonald’s Indonesia prioritizes customer satisfaction, so it has a number of experts who are fully responsible for the entire process of making fried chicken, called McD Chicken Specialists. McD Chicken Specialists will go through special training and provisioning to maintain the consistency of the quality of McD’s fried chicken and ensure that the chicken reaches the Gold Standard criteria.

Caroline Kurniadjaja, Associate Director of Marketing at McDonald’s Indonesia, said that McD’s fried chicken has gone through a precise process that is processed and cooked by experts or McD Chicken Specialists. Those who become McD Chicken Specialists must follow and master the entire McD chicken production process, and only pass with 100% verification.

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Not only the quality of the ingredients used, the McD Chicken Specialist must also ensure that the manufacturing process is in accordance with established procedures. Starting from the preparation process by soaking the chicken in cold water, then the flouring which is done by massaging the chicken with seasoned flour to ensure a crispy texture, then the frying process, and finally the storage to keep the fried chicken crispy, tasty and warm when served.

Imam Gazali, Quality Assurance Manager of McDonald’s Indonesia, said that the quality of the chicken that is processed is the fried factor of the fried chicken that will be served. All McD chicken suppliers have implemented biosafety standards to meet food safety criteria and comply with halal requirements. This aims to keep the quality of the chicken fresh when it is delivered every morning to all McDonald’s Indonesia outlets.

McDonald’s Indonesia also invited four Indonesian influencers on 22 May 2023 to witness the process of making McD’s fried chicken. The four influencers are content creator Agung Karmalogy and Aul Tutorial Hidup, chef Martin Natadipraja, and chef Victor Agustino.

Chef Martin Natadipraja said that his curiosity about the secret of McD’s crispy and tasty fried chicken had been answered after seeing first hand the process of making it using various precision techniques, which seem simple but have an effect on the quality of the fried chicken produced.

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