Meiska Tells a Story of Being Cut-off Without Explanation in “Hilang Tanpa Bilang”

Meiska Adinda or also known as Meiska was one of the grand finalists of The Voice Kids Season 3. 4 years later Meiska decided to professionally enter the music industry by releasing her first single “Hilang Tanpa BIlang” under Sony Entertainment Indonesia label. 

Meiska stated “I am actually offered a few songs, but when I heard “Hilang Tanpa Bilang”, I immediately liked it because it was relatable to me. So, it is easier for me to understand the song. In my opinion, the most important thing in the song is being related to yourself; therefore, we can deliver the message.”  

“Hilang Tanpa Bilang” tells a story about relationship problems that often occur nowadays. “Relationships between a man and woman that were really close and always chatting, calling or even hanging out together but suddenly the man disappeared or ghosted. It felt really hurt when someone cut you off without explanation and this is going to be my single’s theme,” said Meiska  

Within one and a half months into the process, Meiska admitted that she did not experience any trouble. However, Meiska felt insecure when asked to join Sony Music, Meiska convinced herself that it was the right way to start learning more about the world of music. In the end, Meiska hopes that her song could be listened to by everyone and music lovers who had similar experiences in their life


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