Michael Soul on Loneliness and Solitude Through “idon’twannabelonely”

Michael Soul, a r&b pop artist is back with a new single titled “idon’twannabelonely”. In his new single, Michael talks about the state of loneliness in a relationship. Along with this new single, Michael also produced an original music video to accompany his first ever latino music.

The track “idon’twannabelonely” by Michael Soul is about memories embodied in a language of music that everyone understands. The track tells you about a man who is trying to forget himself and find a fleeting connection in order to stop feeling lonely. Michael says that the state of loneliness is absorbing and you do everything in order to feel different.

The reason why Michael chose his new single to be R&B Latino is because the Latino vibe reflects the romantic side of loneliness, while the minimalistic R&B vocals make you feel the emptiness of a broken heart. Michael said that he got inspiration from Christina Aguilera’s Spanish-language album AGUILERA on making “idon’twannabelonely”.

However, not only is the music reflecting about the state of loneliness, the music video also supported that theme. As in the visual video of the track, Michael is seen alone in a room while imagining himself surrounded by ocean. The artist moved himself in time to feel loneliness away from the city and people, remaining alone with the music. Currently, you can listen to Michael Soul’s new single “idon’twannabelonely” on all digital streaming platforms. Meanwhile, you can watch the official music video on Michael Soul’s Youtube channel.

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Michael Soul is a 23 year old trending artist performing in r&b, pop and soul styles. Michael was born in a musical family in Brest, France. Ever since the age of 9, Michael has been writing music and poetry. When he turned 11 and 12 years old, he won the Grand Prix contest of “Young Talents of Belarus” twice. Since then, Michael has appeared in numerous TV projects and participated in many awards.

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