Difki Khalif and Celine Sun Re-release NOAH’s “Yang Terdalam”

Difki Khalif collaborated with TikTok content creator Celine Sun in re-releasing the song “Yang Terdalam” by NOAH. Celine Sun is a content creator from Surabaya, known for often covering songs using a piano on her TikTok. Through her content, Celine’s followers have now reached 440 thousand. (Tramadol)

According to Difki, this is his first time performing a song that is not an original creation of his own. This collaboration project was initiated by the label in order to resurrect NOAH’s iconic song “Yang Terdalam”. Celine Sun is chosen as the collaboration partner because her voice criteria is a unique vocal character and it matched greatly with Difki’s style.

Noah’s re-release song “Yang Terdalam” was produced by DM (@dmmufli) with Celine. The arrangement of this song is already finished in full. The process of making this song was quite short. As at that time Celine was in Jakarta and they could immediately meet and work quickly at Musica studio. A week later, the song finished and they started working on the video clip.

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The label purposefully chose NOAH’s “Yang Terdalam” as their resurrection project because the song has a deep meaning. Each stanza from the track implies the meaning of the loyal feelings of someone who feels the loss of a figure he loves. From this, it can be implied that the state of a person who always remembers his love is that he has been living with his partner, but now everything is just a memory. Currently, “Yang Terdalam” by Difki Khalif and Celine Sun is out on all digital music platforms. The music video can be watched on YouTube Musica Studios.

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