OKAAY Draws A Complex Love In “Pelipur Jenuh Rasa” With Laleilmanino

OKAAY came back with their latest single “Pelipur Jenuh Rasa”. In this single, OKAAY tell a love affair story about the complexity of a relationship. Written by Laleilmanino, the song itself describes the writer’s feeling about being in love with someone who is still attached with his or her past love.

“This song is a story about someone who asks for clarity from someone who promises to make her the only one but always makes a boundary to the relationship by putting off his promise,” Kaay, the vocalist of OKAAY, explained.

Already having several discography with heartbreaking yet easy-listening songs with catchy hooks, OKAAY continues the heartbreak marathon by releasing “Pelipur Jenuh Rasa”. Besides the musical aspects, we all can see that the meaning and the story behind the song might be relatable for a massive amount of the listeners.

“It feels really hurt when you love someone that hasn’t finished with their past,” Kaay said, expressing her thoughts regarding the story behind the single.

It is also stated that “Pelipur Jenuh Rasa” is the musical form of the band’s maturation process. OKAAY hopes that the band can achieve a more mature state of maturity through working on this single. Speaking of the production of the single, “Pelipur Jenuh Rasa” was written, composed, and produced by Laleilmanino, mixed by Rayendra Sunitro, mastered by Dimas Pradipta, and the vocal was directed by Kamga.

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“This song marks as the closing song before our upcoming second album next year. We hope that this song can represent the feelings of those people who feel trapped or imprisoned by their own feelings for waiting for something with no clarity at all,” Okin said.

Even though “Pelipur Jenuh Rasa” is said as the closing song before their second album that will be released next year, OKAAY is preparing for their concert that will be held at the end of the year.

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