Mocca Expresses Unconditional Love Through ‘I Love You Anyway’

Mocca released an acoustic arrangement of their single,I Love You Anyway’, and is currently available to listen to on various digital music platforms. Apart from that, the music video from Mocca’s live performance of this song can also be watched on their Youtube channel. 

‘I Love You Anyway’ is Mocca’s second single which was released in an acoustic arrangement. The song was first released in 2007 and was included in their 3rd album: Colors.

This song has been a prima donna on the Mocca stages since its initial release. In fact, this song is on almost Mocca’s every stage and is widely sung together with Mocca Friends because the lyrics of the song relate to many people.

Mocca has 5 members: Arina Ephipania (vocalist), Riko Prayitno (guitarist), Indra Massad (drummer), Toma Pratama (bassist) and Rio Fritz Torang (keyboardist). The band will be re-releasing its songs in an acoustic arrangement in 2023, starting with the song ‘You and Me Against the World’ in March, and ‘I love You Anyway’ which was just released on April 28. 

The initial idea for releasing this single acoustic session came from Mocca, who often held intimate independent events such as Secret Shows and Rehearsal Shows. On this intimate stage, an atmosphere that is close to the audience is created through singing and relaxing together which is fun. From the atmosphere of this intimate stage, Mocca had the idea to add songs to the setlist acoustic.

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