Allan Andersn Tells About Failed Love Story in New Single “Jalan Terbaiknya”

Allan Andersn, who was previously known as the vocalist of 2nd Chance, is now starting his career as a soloist by releasing his new single “Jalan Terbaiknya”. Previously, Allan had released his solo single entitled “Jalan Yang Berbeda” on January 27, 2023.

“Jalan Terbaiknya” is a song written by himself and Sesy Puspita. This song tells about a love story that was forced to fail in the middle of the relationship because one person decided to end it for no apparent reason. Even so, he was willing to forget and hope everything will be fine.

This song is inspired by Allan Andersn’s personal story, which is wrapped in a love story so that his understanding is more universal and relates to many people.

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Allan said that in this song, he wanted to highlight the character of his voice. Allan also feels that this song relates to most love stories. With the release of the single “Jalan Terbaiknya”, Allan also hopes to represent the feelings of many people out there, especially for those who are experiencing the story presented in this single. (

This song has been composed since November 2022, and was completed in January 2023. In the production process, this song was also assisted by Seto Braman, and Yafi Aria as composer, and Hery Alesis in the Mixing and Mastering processes.

“Jalan Terbaiknya” presented by Allan Andersn can now be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

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