Anggi Marito Collabs with Mario G. Klau in “Tak Ingin Kau Terluka”

Anggi Marito has just announced her special collaboration with Mario G. Klau through a new single titled “Tak Ingin Kau Terluka”. The song was released on Friday, April 28, 2023 at midnight in the form of audio and video.

Anggi Marito, who is currently viral through the song “Tak Segampang Itu”, uploaded a short snippet of this collaboration song on Instagram along with Mario G. Klau’s upload. From the trailer, we can already hear the harmonization of voices between Anggi and Mario which is so beautiful, unified and emotional. (Valium Online)  

Previously, Anggi Marito had released the first single titled “Cara Mencintamu” and the second song titled “Tak Segampang Itu” which is currently viral and entered the top chart of digital streaming platforms in Indonesia even in Malaysia and also globally. Both songs were created by Mario G. Klau. In this third single, Anggi Marito collaborates with Mario not only as a songwriter but also for a duet. This is Anggi Marito’s first duet single with Mario G. Klau. 

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The news about their collaboration is highly anticipated by both of their fans. Previously, both Anggi and Mario had shared photos at the time of recording some time ago. Many fans wanted a collaboration between them because of the interest in the strength of their voices and finally this can be realized.


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