Marcello Tahitoe Channeled His Positive Feeling With “Kita Sama Kita Manusia”

Marcello Tahitoe or Ello released his newest song, “Kita Sama Kita Manusia”. Finally back with a song that was made in 2020, this song is included in the album 99 (Sembilan Sembilan) which was released by this singer who was born in Jakarta on February 20, 1983.

Starting from the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, Marcello Tahitoe wanted to provide encouragement and entertainment for people who were going through that difficult time. With the hope that we should care more about fellow human beings. The song “Kita Sama Kita Manusia” was released at the end of the pandemic, and previously this song was released at the previous Christmas moment, December 25 2022, and the music video was released during Eid 2023.

“Kita Sama Kita Manusia” is a song in the Rock genre, which according to Ello is a song with inspiration from the lives of people who, as social beings, have to “care” and love their fellow humans. With the message that we want to remind people that we as human beings must love one another.

The concept of the Video Clip is the differences that become one, with a message that the many ethnic, cultural and religious groups in Indonesia make us want to highlight how tolerant and how strong this country is. This is what makes us realize that differences are not an obstacle for us to love our fellow human beings. 

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Ello hopes that the song “Kita Sama Kita Manusia” can be a reminder that when we listen to this song, it can have a positive impact, not only on the mind but from the heart of the person himself so that he feels at peace, and can become even better. 

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