The National Shares the Last Track on Their Latest Album “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend”

The National released their latest song entitled “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend”. On this song, The National collaborated with Phoebe Bridgers. This song is also the last track on their new album: First Two Pages of Frankenstein, which will be released on April 28.

The song came about when Berninger was at a stalemate. He said that he would often pick a book off the shelf just to get a few words in my head when he was stuck, and the first two pages of Frankenstein finally sparked ‘Your Mind Is Not Your Friend.’

“This book helped me write about feelings of disconnection and loss and a lack of purpose. Once I started dealing with this weird, blurry panic of not having any ideas, things started to open up a little bit,” he continued.

The video for “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” has a sad and nostalgic feel and stars Matt’s brother Tom, who fans of The National are familiar with from the film: Mistaken For Strangers. The clip was directed by Jackson Bridgers, Phoebe’s brother, and was filmed in locations around Los Angeles.

The song takes the theme of Mental Health and as proof, The National made a donation to, a charity founded by the family in memory of Frightened Rabbit vocalist, Scott Hutchinson.

The 11 tracks for the album: First Two Pages of Frankenstein were produced solely by The National at Long Pond Studios, New York and featured Taylor Swift and Sufjan Stevens.

Meanwhile, The National will also kick off their 2023 world tour with a four-night stand in Chicago on May 18 and many shows have sold out. Further information regarding album pre-orders and concert tickets can be found at National itself is a band from New York which was formed in 1999. The National has scored five top 10 albums on The Billboard 200, and received a Grammy for Best Alternative Album through Sleep Well Beast in 2017.

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